5 Items for Roadtrips

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  • 20 July 2018
  • Pet Wants

The 5 items you will want to have when you road trip with your dog

Planning a Summer Road Trip Means
Packing Five Important Things for Your Pups

The summer season means it’s time to take to the open road and have some fun! And of course, having fun includes taking your dogs along for the experience. Whether you take a day trip, a weekend away, or an extended vacation, it will be important to remember — despite your excitement — to pack these five important things for your pups’ health, comfort, and enjoyment.

  1. Food and Treats – Since there won’t be any doggie drive-thrus along the way where you can get a happy mutt meal, pack your dogs’ favorite food and treats. Rather than packing a bunch of heavy cans or a bulky bag of dry food, try putting individual meal-sized portions in plastic food storage bags that zip shut. Use the same method for storing her treats. If your canned food requires refrigeration, label the bag and put it in your cooler. Be sure to pack enough food for at least two meals a day and remember to bring a food bowl (disposables are OK, too). Save your empty food bags to pick up waste.
  2. Water, Water, Water! – You may pack bottled water for yourself anyway, but in case you don’t, remember to bring it for Buffy! Given the heat of summer and the places you may be traveling to, your pet’s need for clean drinking water will be vitally important. Rest areas, campgrounds, and even city parks often intend to have water available from public fountains, but for whatever reason sometimes they don’t work. Or worse yet, the water from a public fountain may be of poor quality. Not only for your dogs but for you, too! Along with the water you pack – just like the food – remember to bring a water bowl or use disposables.
  3. Leash and Harness – Just like you, your pups will be excited to go away and just as excited to get out of the car. Keep them safe on your road trip by bringing their leashes along with their harnesses. Even if Fritzy is trained to stay near you off the leash, it is important that you put him on a leash when getting out of or into your vehicle. Distractions can happen at any time, and nothing could be worse than losing your pet at your point of arrival or departure. As well, being in unfamiliar surroundings, Fritzy will need you to guide him to where you’re going amongst all the new sights, smells, and sounds there are to experience! Keep him safe on a leash.
  4. Bed (of Some Kind) – Depending on the length of your road trip, you will definitely need to bring along some kind of bed. If you’re on a day trip and the pups need to sleep in the car on the way home, a blanket or large towel may suffice. However, for longer excursions, your pet’s regular pillow, mattress, or crate will be necessary. If your dog is crate trained, bringing his crate along will be especially helpful for keeping him calm and comfortable in the car as well as for keeping his bedtime routine while you’re away.
  5. Did You Say Toys? Just as you would do to keep any child happy on a long trip, the best pet parents remember to bring dog toys! If you’re packing sparingly, two toys should be enough: One for chewing on when she’s bored or lying down, and one for chasing and retrieving when she’s outdoors. Pack her chew toy with her crate and bedding, and store her retrieving toy along with her leash. Pairing these items will help to ensure they’re accessible when you need them.

Along with having a great time on your road trip, your pet’s health, comfort, and enjoyment are also going to be high priorities. Whether your trip is long or short, remembering to pack these five important items will help to make your road trip a happy experience for pets and people alike!